Who Is Dr. Julia At Lake Cumberland’s Rock Station?

Lake Cumberland Radio StationSo you want to know a little more about us in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky?. Well, I suppose that I could tell you a few things and not end up behind bars (or a in a straitjacket). Just keep in mind that I am leaving a lot out.

My Childhood

Being very young at the time, I remember very little about my birth. Yes, that is an old joke, but it is stinking funny and bears repeating whenever the opportunity arises.

My recollection of my childhood is likewise a fog, which is understandable considering how long ago it was. However, a few things do stand out, and those are the things I’ll share with you now.

As a child, I wasn’t much of a “people person”. I wasn’t shy or withdrawn, in fact, quite the opposite. I simply preferred the company of animals. Most all the trouble I ever got into involved an animal, one way or another.

Where I grew up, we weren’t permitted to have pets. I didn’t agree with the landlord and spent every waking moment breaking our lease in any way I could.

I brought home the traditional stray dog and cat (“stray” meaning if they weren’t on a leash, I was bringing them home) every chance I got and in Lake Cumberland, that isn’t very rare. But I also brought home the non-traditional mice, squirrels, birds, and horses. Yes, I brought home horses. This is one of those things that could land me in jail, so I’ll stop here.

I wasn’t big on school, but I did enjoy doodling all over my assignments. I think the work/doodle ratio went something like this… answer one question, draw five doodles – answer one more question, draw six doodles. Answer no more questions because there’s no more room on the paper.

As the years passed, I got taller – up until I was around fourteen years of age, but my nose continued to grow until I reached twenty-one. At which time, I also got a few more back teeth.

Dr. Julia and I Meet

I was working as a telemarketer selling newspaper subscriptions (that’s nothing – I even sold vacuum cleaners door to door) and as some things never change, I dialed one telephone number and drew five doodles on my calling sheet. It wasn’t long until Julia Chicken showed up. She introduced herself as Dr. Julia Chicken, a family and relationships counselor.

Dr. Julia and I had several encounters in that cubical while I remained employed for the Inquirer, calling folks during their dinner hour to tell them about the Sunday delivery. But once I left that position, Dr. Julia and I almost lost touch altogether.

My Life Now

I live in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky on a small farm where horse and buggy is the majority of the traffic that our road gets.

I am married to Mike. Five days a week he’s an IT guru to the masses. Weekends he drives the tractor around.

We have five horses, a forty-six year old pony, a goat, a duck, a rooster, a bunch of hens, a couple of dogs, and an embarrassing amount of cats.

And on that farm we had some people…

Yes, let’s not forget about them. I have six children – five girls and one boy. Two of my daughters are married with children themselves. My eldest daughter is almost as old as I am now – funny how that works. The youngest, however, is only fresh out of kindergarten and four years older than my oldest grandson. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. I mean, it’s kind of hard to feel like a little, old grandmother when your grandchildren are basically the same age as your children.

Why Advice with Dr. Julia

After our initial meeting, I had some more children, rode my horses, played my guitar, and wrote a children’s book or two. Dr. Julia continued to grow her practice and would occasionally check up on me.

As time went on, Dr. Julia and I developed a pretty strong friendship and someone (maybe Dr. J) suggested that we expand our friendship into a business partnership. We discussed several ventures, but none were all that appealing.

One avenue of business that was discussed was syndication. However, that idea was quickly squelched for two reasons…Now, Dr. J may be a chicken, but she’s no scaredy cat! – and neither am I. It’s not that we were opposed to the work of a daily comic strip – it was the pressure of daily deadlines and the fear that quantity might trump quality if we were forced to produce.

Or should I say Lack thereof. If we were fortunate enough to become syndicated, we would more than likely work our feathers to the skin for pennies a day – 365 days a year.

Needless to say, lots of pressure and no money did not appeal to me or Dr. J.

Then one day Dr. Julia told me about the internet and how we might utilize it to make our fortune. She knew nothing about computers. I knew nothing about computers. Together, we knew less than nothing when it came to building a website. Still, I thought she was on to something. And so… Here we are in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky!