Online Stories For Kids!

Online Stories For Kids!

Online Stories For KidsCheck out these online stories for kids!

Chapter by Chapter!

Dr. Julia has graciously allowed me my own section where I can put online stories for Kids! Isn’t she nice?
These are stories that I have written and illustrated – although, sometimes I am convinced that it’s the characters who actually tell the story and I just do the typing!

Let’s see if I can explain how this children’s story section works… believe me, I have even confused myself, so I’ll try to be thorough.

First of all, let me assure you, I have more stories than the Empire State Building. Some are longer, some shorter, but only one story will be featured at any given time.

The featured children’s story will be available via Paid Subscription Only! Each chapter (or section) will be delivered in increments… hopefully, with a good cliff hanger here and there.

Each story will feature full color and lively illustrations as well as coloring pages for the kids to color their own way.

Now, I am a firm believer in reading aloud to kids – I know the benefits are simply crazy for everyone involved, but I don’t want you to go blurry eyed reading from the computer screen.

For that cause, these online stories for kids are in PDF for you to download, print out, and go sit on the couch to read if you’d like. And you don’t have to own stock in colored ink either!

Any illustrations that are sprinkled throughout the story are done as line drawings with minimal shadings, and you will be able to avoid printing the full colored drawings easily if you so desire.

Once the final installment has been made to the story, it is replaced by a new children’s story.

I suppose you have questions.

What Am I Subscribing To?
You will subscribe to the particular children’s story that is being featured in our Online Stories For Kids section. Once the story ends, so does your subscription.

How Do I know I’ll Like the Story?
Well, you don’t.

But I will offer sample chapters for you to read and pictures to see – you should be able to at least get a feel for the story as to whether or not it’s up your alley.

The Story Is No longer Available?
If the children’s story is no longer available through subscription (because you waited too long to subscribe, while you thought it over… and over) – never fear! That simply means that it will soon be available for purchase through our bookstore.

I Don’t Get It – Why Not Just Wait Until I Can Buy It?
Because subscribing is fun – and it’s fun for a couple of reasons!

First, you and the kids will be waiting with anticipation (maybe even on pins and needles) for the next installment! Tell me that’s not exciting.

Second, you are getting to read a story that hasn’t been published yet. No one but a few privileged folks – the subscribers (and maybe an editor or two) will get to see.

Not to mention, your subscription will cost less than the purchase price of the book.

That Reminds Me – How Much Does It Cost?
Boy – you ask a lot of questions!

Each featured online story for kids will differ in length and labor. Therefore, the cost of each subscription may vary from title to title.

So I Subscribe – How Do I Get The Children’s Story?
The featured online stories for kids will be stored on a password protected page here on this site.

After you subscribe, you will receive the link to the story and your password by email, as well as any pertinent instructions.

Hopefully I have answered your questions satisfactorily. If you think of any that you forgot to ask, simply use my contact me form and ask away!

Online Stories for Kids

Featured Children’s Story

Colorful illustration of book cover for online stories for children. The illustration includes a deer, rabbit, turtle, and squirrel all watching the boy that was put to sleep in the forest.

CLICK the illustration to print out a coloring page!
The Story of the Bottled Kisses…
and the Sleepless Dragon

This is a story that takes place long ago about a young boy named Jody who finds himself alone for 100 days when his mother is falsely accused of stealing a precious ring.

Although Jody is heartbroken, he finds comfort in a bottle of kisses that his mother left behind.

During the 100 days Jody has many adventures, learns a few lessons and a couple of secrets too.

Lake Cumberland Children’s Stories

Lake Cumberland Childrens Stories

Story Hour!
Children’s Stories With Dr. Julia

Kids love Julia Chicken and she loves them… sort of. But she does love telling Lake Cumberland children’s stories!

Here’s a place where you and your child can enjoy a few short stories for children and some colorful illustrations – so that you can get back to reading the article you started, uninterrupted!

Of course, nothing beats cuddling up with a good, old fashioned book, (and I’m not big on children spending too much time in front of a computer) but a little online entertainment here and there can’t hurt.

But, who is Dr. Julia?

So… What are you going to find?

Original Short Children Stories
Original Artwork and Animations
Original Poems for Children
Reading To Children

These short stories and poems can be read by the child alone, or to make it even more fun, by you to the child!

Lake Cumberland children’s stories

Reading aloud to children has so many benefits! Need I list them? Okay, I will.

Increases vocabulary and Sentence Formation!

Increases Attention Span
Learning there’s a time to sit still and focus!

Promotes Literacy
A child that has been read to is more apt to take up reading on their own!

Promotes A Desire To Learn
An increase in curiosity, Lake Cumberland children’s stories, asking questions, all while discovering the world around them!

Of Course there’s more, but we don’t have all day here – do we? But I would have to say the number one reason for reading to children would be that it’s just a great way to spend time together!

So without further ado, (especially if you have a little person sitting on your lap right now) let the reading commence!

There goes Dr. Julia to pick out a good story now…

Stories And Poems For Children

Funny Animal Stories for Kids
Everything’s Ducky! is an animal story for kids and grownups alike. It’s the true story of Mr. Duck, filled with humor, sadness, and happy beginnings… because it hasn’t “ended” yet!

The Moon Is Cheese!
At least, that’s what a little mouse hopes.

Bad, Bad Baby Bobby
A funny poem for children about a naughty little boy. It seems he and his parents learn a lesson in the end…

Something Fun To Do!

Farnsworth Fox wrote to Dr. Julia in the Ask Dr. Julia section. His question was too silly for Dr. Julia, but she decided to allow his letter to be published under one circumstance… if you kids would answer him!
Go to Farnsworth’s Letter here and see if you can help this rather sly fox!

Online Stories For Kids and Book Club! Lake Cumberland children’s stories!

If you’re looking for ongoing educational entertainment for children, see our Online Stories for Kids!

An original story is told, chapter by chapter, until its conclusion. Filled with colorful illustrations, animation, traditional writing style, and even coloring pages, that make for family fun that you can feel good about!

Along with your subscription, children (and you, the parent) get to participate in The Children’s Book Club! Here you and the kids get to speculate, ask questions, show off your coloring pages, and interact with others who are reading the story too.

Be sure to check out these two very special extended features of our Children Stories with Dr. Julia!

Ask Dr. Julia From Lake Cumberland’s Best Rock!

Ask Dr. Julia From Lake Cumberland’s Best Rock!

Ask Dr. JuliaAsk Dr. Julia

Because Only She (and a few other people)
Have the Answers!

See What Others Are Asking Dr. Julia!

See Dr. Julia’s Advice Column Directory of Letters here.
And take the QUIZ to find out if you, too, could stand a little of Dr. J’s advice!


Actual Letters with Dr. Julia

Want to SEE Dr. Julia answer your question? Send Dr. Julia a quick question (below) and maybe she’ll pick your letter to answer in her next cartoon animation!

Ask Dr. Julia Whatever You’d Like!

Funny cartoon of a pig wallowing in the mud.
Looking For Some Funny Advice?

As you can see in the snapshots below, Dr. Julia has spent her life giving advice to just about everyone.

People just naturally wanted her opinion, so she says. And as time went on, she realized that she had a gift (these are her words, mind you, but I’ve come to agree).

Through Dr. Julia’s past experiences, she discovered that she could make some money giving humorous advice on parenting, marriage, anything – if only she could just get her hands on a couch.

Not only did Dr. Julia get a couch, she got a website!

No longer restricted to her office, Dr. Julia can set people straight around the world!

Funny cartoon of chickens counting chickens before the hatch. Lucky for me, Dr. Julia has graciously agreed to waive her normal fee of an exuberant amount to answer your questions.

Here’s the spot to be when you need advice on those mundane aspects of everyday life such as:


Household Budgeting


Just so you know, Dr. Julia insisted that I include “automotive” in that list, but I would ask Click and Clack if I were you.

Dr. Julia doesn’t even have a car.

Ask Dr. Julia Right Now!

funny cartoon of a rooster getting advice,
Picture of a bag of chicken feedDr. Julia Chicken…

Cracking One Egg (or joke) at a Time!

If you would like to do your part to promote sanity in the world, click the bag of chicken feed!

Ask Dr. Julia These Questions

Dear Dr. Julia,
I’m starting work next week & need some advice on how to tell my boss that on the first I’ll be four hours late due to doing some work with my old company & the second day I won’t be in at all! How do I tell them without getting the boot???

See also Dr. Julia’s Top Ten To Don’ts for the First Day of a New Job.
Comments for
How to tell your boss things they don’t want to hear?

Average Rating starstarstarstarstar

Click here to add your own comments

starstarstarstarstar GEEZE
by: Anonymous

You call them or him or her up and say, I need some advice from you sir or madam. I must finish up some work with my now previous employer since you were gracious enough to make that happen for me. And I have further obligation which will cause me to miss my second day of work with you my new company. Here is what I would like you to help me with, sir or madam. Should I perhaps simply take this entire week off and finish all prior business, or should I work a half day with you on the first day, miss the second day and then begin full time on the third day?

Let them make the choice. Because if you “TELL” them as you have questioned here; YES YOU WILL GET FIRED FOR BEING IRRESPONSIBLE AND YES STUPID!
That said, if you show some intelligence and cooth; you will keep your job and perhaps pick up a few days off in the process, versus enough time to go and find another new job.


Mad Cap Harry
starstarstarstarstar The Boot Can Hurt
by: Lora

Dear pj67oldskool (I apologize if I mispronounced your name, but you must admit, it is odd!)

Although Mad Cap Harry seems a little scary, his advice was pretty darn good.

I am going to rush your question to Dr. Julia, as I notice that you are sort of pressed for time – starting next week and all.

Dr. J is out of town presently. She’s really in the next room with the door closed, but she thinks “out of town” sounds more impressive.

It’s along the same line as “Dr. Julia is out to lunch.” That essentially means that she is, well, basically goofing off right now.

Then we have the classic “gone fishing” sign that Dr. J hangs from her door. That means that she has indeed gone fishing.

Any way, I sympathize with you and your fear of the boot. I have more than once ducked it myself!

Lora (assistant to Dr. Julia Chicken)

starstarstarstarstar What Size Boots Do You Like?
by: Dr. Julia

Dear Pj,

I gather from the photo that you provided that your new employer has connections with the mob. If that is indeed the case, the boot you receive may very well be made of cement.

Have you noticed the use of terms such as “up the river”, “taking him for a drive”, “you dirty rat”, or “Mugsy”?

I would wager that you will hear such things if you request time off from this new job before you even start!

If I were you, Pj, I would do my best to do what was initially agreed upon. Only if it is of dire importance should you do otherwise.

I also compiled a First Day New Job To Don’t List for you. Take a look!

Good luck!

Dr. Julia Chicken

The Sunday Funnies with Dr. Julia

Sunday FunniesThe Sunday Funnies with Dr. Julia

Not Sunday morning? Eh, it doesn’t matter. Comic strips and cartoon panels are fun to look at anytime!

Get Your Sunday Funnies Right Here!

But every Sunday morning (actually, Saturday night) there will be a brand new cartoon right here – a Dr. Julia debut comic that hasn’t made its way onto any other page of our site just yet.

Each week, Dr. J and I will put up a new toon and place the past week’s cartoon in our
Sunday Funnies Gallery.

Gather the kids and stop by each Sunday for a good joke that the kids probably won’t get… or maybe they will, but you won’t. Well, I’m pretty sure somebody won’t get it.

Anyway, while you’re here, check out our cartoon gallery below. You’ll find a bunch of Dr. Julia’s previous comics in here. When you’re through, take a look at our Catchy Caption pages to see some pretty funny cartoon captions from Dr. J fans.

Free Range Chicken In Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Free Range Chicken

Picture of a sack of chicken feedNever Miss the New Stuff!

When you subscribe to The Humorous Advice Blog (Free Range Chicken In Lake Cumberland), by clicking that orange RSS button you’ll be informed of every new article, office snapshot, and Dr. Juliaism as they are added.

Pavlov and Dr. Julia

“The ringing bell from my RSS forces me to immediately go
to Advice With Dr. for my dose of funny advice.
Classical Conditioning at its best!”

Below are some of the latest not to be missed entries.

Funny Cartoons With Dr. Julia Chicken Free Range Chicken In Lake Cumberland

Dr. Julia’s Sunday Funnies give you something to think about.

Continue reading “Funny Cartoons With Dr. Julia Chicken”

Thirsty in Seattle

Dear Dr. Julia,

My dog is constantly drinking from the toilet. In the process, he splashes water all over the floor. What can I do to make him stop this disgusting habit?

- Signed, Thirsty in Seattle

Really, no self-respecting dog wants to drink from the toilet. Supply the pooch with a nice ladle and a fancy glass and your troubles will be gone. Of course, most people simply put down the toilet seat.

Cool Drink Pup
Get this collectable print, signed, sealed and delivered!


Dr. Julia Chicken, Recently I had a troubling dream; I was being moved into what must have been an old firehouse as there was a brass pole right beside

Dear Abby

Pauline Phillips, better known as Dear Abby, passed this week at the age of 94.

Hard to believe Free Range Chicken In Lake Cumberland, but she was still penning her column, which was first published in 1956, without aid up until 2000! At that time, her daughter began to assist her.

Dr. Julia and Dear Abby have a lot in common. For one thing, they both take letters from readers and offer the best advice you can get.

One difference, however, is the fact that Dr. Julia Chicken didn’t feel the need to assume a pseudonym. One might ask, Who’s the chicken here?

In our quest to honor Mrs. Phillips we found a few of Dear Abby’s more famous letters and thought to share some here with our readers.

Farewell, Dearest Abby!

Dear Abby: I’m 19 years old and not very experienced, but my mother told me to be careful of men with mustaches. Is there any truth in this? Anita

Dear Anita: Yes, and also be careful of men without them.

Dear Abby: Our son married a girl when he was in the service. They were married in February and she had an 8 1/2-pound baby girl in August. She said the baby was premature. Can an 8 1/2-pound baby be this premature? Wanting to Know

Dear Wanting: The baby was on time. The wedding was late. Forget it.

Dear Abby: My boyfriend is going to be 20 years old next month. I’d like to give him something nice for his birthday. What do you think he’d like? Carol

Dear Carol: Never mind what he’d like, give him a tie.

Dear Abby: My problem is my husband. He wears false teeth — uppers and lowers — and he thinks it’s real funny to take them out at parties and do a Spanish dance using them as castanets. He thinks he is being the life of the party, but I’m embarrassed to death.

Should I keep him away from parties, or should I just tell him that he isn’t funny? Marsha

Dear Marsha: Let him have a good time. I think it’s hysterical.

Dear Abby: I am 44 years old and would like to meet a man my age with no bad habits. Rose

Dear Rose: So would I.

Free Range Chicken In Lake Cumberland

Who Is Dr. Julia At Lake Cumberland’s Rock Station?

Lake Cumberland Radio StationSo you want to know a little more about us in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky?. Well, I suppose that I could tell you a few things and not end up behind bars (or a in a straitjacket). Just keep in mind that I am leaving a lot out.

My Childhood

Being very young at the time, I remember very little about my birth. Yes, that is an old joke, but it is stinking funny and bears repeating whenever the opportunity arises.

My recollection of my childhood is likewise a fog, which is understandable considering how long ago it was. However, a few things do stand out, and those are the things I’ll share with you now.

As a child, I wasn’t much of a “people person”. I wasn’t shy or withdrawn, in fact, quite the opposite. I simply preferred the company of animals. Most all the trouble I ever got into involved an animal, one way or another.

Where I grew up, we weren’t permitted to have pets. I didn’t agree with the landlord and spent every waking moment breaking our lease in any way I could.

I brought home the traditional stray dog and cat (“stray” meaning if they weren’t on a leash, I was bringing them home) every chance I got and in Lake Cumberland, that isn’t very rare. But I also brought home the non-traditional mice, squirrels, birds, and horses. Yes, I brought home horses. This is one of those things that could land me in jail, so I’ll stop here.

I wasn’t big on school, but I did enjoy doodling all over my assignments. I think the work/doodle ratio went something like this… answer one question, draw five doodles – answer one more question, draw six doodles. Answer no more questions because there’s no more room on the paper.

As the years passed, I got taller – up until I was around fourteen years of age, but my nose continued to grow until I reached twenty-one. At which time, I also got a few more back teeth.

Dr. Julia and I Meet

I was working as a telemarketer selling newspaper subscriptions (that’s nothing – I even sold vacuum cleaners door to door) and as some things never change, I dialed one telephone number and drew five doodles on my calling sheet. It wasn’t long until Julia Chicken showed up. She introduced herself as Dr. Julia Chicken, a family and relationships counselor.

Dr. Julia and I had several encounters in that cubical while I remained employed for the Inquirer, calling folks during their dinner hour to tell them about the Sunday delivery. But once I left that position, Dr. Julia and I almost lost touch altogether.

My Life Now

I live in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky on a small farm where horse and buggy is the majority of the traffic that our road gets.

I am married to Mike. Five days a week he’s an IT guru to the masses. Weekends he drives the tractor around.

We have five horses, a forty-six year old pony, a goat, a duck, a rooster, a bunch of hens, a couple of dogs, and an embarrassing amount of cats.

And on that farm we had some people…

Yes, let’s not forget about them. I have six children – five girls and one boy. Two of my daughters are married with children themselves. My eldest daughter is almost as old as I am now – funny how that works. The youngest, however, is only fresh out of kindergarten and four years older than my oldest grandson. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried. I mean, it’s kind of hard to feel like a little, old grandmother when your grandchildren are basically the same age as your children.

Why Advice with Dr. Julia

After our initial meeting, I had some more children, rode my horses, played my guitar, and wrote a children’s book or two. Dr. Julia continued to grow her practice and would occasionally check up on me.

As time went on, Dr. Julia and I developed a pretty strong friendship and someone (maybe Dr. J) suggested that we expand our friendship into a business partnership. We discussed several ventures, but none were all that appealing.

One avenue of business that was discussed was syndication. However, that idea was quickly squelched for two reasons…Now, Dr. J may be a chicken, but she’s no scaredy cat! – and neither am I. It’s not that we were opposed to the work of a daily comic strip – it was the pressure of daily deadlines and the fear that quantity might trump quality if we were forced to produce.

Or should I say Lack thereof. If we were fortunate enough to become syndicated, we would more than likely work our feathers to the skin for pennies a day – 365 days a year.

Needless to say, lots of pressure and no money did not appeal to me or Dr. J.

Then one day Dr. Julia told me about the internet and how we might utilize it to make our fortune. She knew nothing about computers. I knew nothing about computers. Together, we knew less than nothing when it came to building a website. Still, I thought she was on to something. And so… Here we are in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky!