An Honest Review Of SBI (Site Build It!)

An Honest Review Of SBI (Site Build It!)

I first discovered SBI on one of my favorite personal development websites – Personal Development for Smart People. Steve Pavlina had recently become an affiliate and recommended SBI to his readers.

At the time, I was not in a good place in my life to invest in building with Legos®, much less building a website or online business.

Still, the idea had appeal. So, I looked up some reviews of SBI online like this one.

Fast forward a few years. Life is a lot better. But a lot more expensive. I had been fired from my job… it’s a long story – and had taken a pay cut in my new position. My husband and I agreed that we needed to find something that would fill that gap. He has a hectic travel schedule, so I offered to be the one to do it.

Taking another job was out of the question. So it had to be something I could do from home.

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That’s when I remembered Site Build It!

Review Of SBI

Being the research junkie that I am, I spent days investigating with looking at a review of SBI! and looking for bad reviews. Most of which turned out to be disgruntled SBI users who thought they didn’t have to put in any work at all. I did, however, find some great Site Build It reviews like this one.

As I write this, my journey with SBI is just beginning. However, the depth and breadth of the information and support here overwhelms me sometimes, especially in the private forums that can’t be seen by the public. That’s where the real magic happens.

Each morning, I jump out of bed early just to work on my site. Each evening, I lose track of time as I continue to work on my site.

My husband calls just to check my traffic stats!

I’ve had other sites with other hosts. While they gave me the tools I needed to create the pages, they never gave me the tools or support I needed to make those pages into a business.

Instead, I fumbled around on my own. And never made a single dime.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package that can put you in business online, look no further.

More About My Review Of SBI

In my opinion, my review of SBI! has determined that anyone can succeed with the tools and resources available.

Many people complain because SBI! does not promise get-rich-quick. Their mascot is even a tortoise! But if you’re interested in building a REAL business online, this is the place to go with.

SBI! is a bit different because it is the only product on the market designed to take people from total newbie to business owner with all of the tools you will ever need in just one place for a flat monthly fee. If you have signed up for “training programs” for building websites, you know that there are normally dozens of products / services you must sign up for separately. Not with my review of SBI! It all comes with your subscription. Everything.

SBI! Includes Great Customer Service!

From their excellent email support to their 24/7/365 chat support, SBI! has you covered. However, the main place I go when I need help isn’t even their support team – it’s the amazingly helpful private forum that is only available for SBI! subscribers. That’s where the real magic happens inside my review of SBI! If it wasn’t for the forum support, I don’t think I would have ever been able to do this.

A complete online business toolbox

Site Build It Rankings

Not only do you get extremely fast and reliable web hosting included with your subscription, but it is blazingly fast and has an over 99.9% up-time. You are on a web server with some of the best websites in the World. In fact, the majority of SBI! websites rank in the top 3% of all websites in the world with almost half ranking in the top 1% of the world. Do you think they would settle for low quality web hosting? Even if you get a flood of visitors to your site, it will never go offline and you will never be charged extra like other web server companies charge.

In addition, you get access to keyword research tools, link exchange programs, social media tools, email marketing tools, and of course a state-of-the-art drag & drop website builder. Don’t know computer code? Perfect! SBI is built just for you! Want to upload your own files? No problem! My review of SBI! allows you to do that, too! Use any HTML editor and upload whenever you’d like to see instant changes reflected on your site!

Need more tools? Of course not! With my review of SBI! everything you’ll ever need is included!!

Amazing Add-ons….included!

Want to include forms on your site? SBI has a form builder you can use. Want a separate email system with your domain name as your email address ( SBI has you covered. Want to have all your traffic stats tracked automatically? SBI has you covered. Want to have a blog page automatically updated every time you add a page to your site SBI has you covered. Are you seeing a pattern here?!

SBI! has a no-risk, 90-day money back guarantee as well. In fact, if you don’t keep their service, you can still have the domain name for FREE!

And the Mastermind behind all of this?

Dr. Ken Evoy was established by Dr. Ken Evoy in 1997. He began as the president of a toy manufacturing company in Canada and eventually found his way into Internet Marketing. He is an extremely successful businessman and millionaire. Dr. Evoy is the brains behind SBI and his passion to help business owners means he is a common sight in the private SBI forums.

Dr. Evoy began his internet marketing career by selling e-books that have been read by thousands. All of his e-books are 100% free to SBI subscribers. Dr. Evoy has also contributed to business success books such as Multiple Streams of Internet Income, among others. Sign up and read them all for yourself!

Is My Review of SBI! Too good to be true?

SBI Review

But don’t just take it from me. Research. Do what I did and try to find a legitimate negative review of SBI! I dare you. Visit the site. Click on every link showing a review of SBI! Read every page. Download the free books. Read them, too.

And, if after all of that, you want to ask me any questions about my review of SBI! or share any concerns, feel free to contact me directly.

I respond to every single comment personally. Guaranteed.

Building Great Relationships In Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland Building Great Relationships

I was recently talking to my best friend in Lake Cumberland since fourth grade about where we’ve gotten in life, how we got here, how we’re working to move forward, and the ups and downs we’ve both been through.

The funny part was and my own brother makes comment to this all the time, that for the most part we’ve been through a lot of this together at the same time. School, college, basketball, marriage, divorce, new relationships, major events in life, and more. No matter what things always seem to come full circle in Lake Cumberland – what do I mean?

Well for instance, when I called him about my divorce, it wasn’t long after that he contacted me and stated that he and his wife of almost 14 years were now getting divorced as well. It was strange to hear because I had thought they had a good (not great but not divorce status) relationship. So we both went through that together. That’s the Lake Cumberland way.

Building Great Relationships Is Easy In Lake Cumberland

There was something recently that we started talking about that only a few short months ago I was dead set against. I basically told him that I would support him but he was on his own this time. Funny thing is that during that recent conversation, my life and beliefs on this topic had done a complete 180. This made us laugh because it reiterated that we continue to live life almost in sync.

That got me to thinking about relationships in general. Topics such as soul mates, dating, best of friends, family, destructive relationships, business relationships, and any other type of relationship that you might have in your life.

It made me really analyze my life in Lake Cumberland, how I got here via my relationships, and where I’m going. It’s funny how much you can learn about people in general – Who your true friends are, who you can and can’t trust, the people that would be there for you through thick and thin, and those that you need to get rid of because they will lead you down a path of destruction.

So I sat down and started to free flow just like this and get my thoughts out covering what I believed to be and try to answer the question what is a great relationship, who provides that in my life, and how to develop even more going forward.

My Best Friend & Lake Cumberland

I am not the kind of person who has a lot of close friends. I get along with a lot of people but when it comes to letting people into who I truly am, that doesn’t happen often.

With that said there is one guy (aside from my brother) who has always been there. He is like my brother from another mother. If two guys can be soul mates (yes I’m not gay nor against that but that does sound gay) then he is my “guy soul mate.”
We met in fourth grade at a basketball practice. We’ve been through a million good times and a million bad times together. Most people don’t really understand our relationship. It is one of those that will never die no matter what.

In fact we even have a song – by Alabama (no not a love song). That came about because as we began to learn how to drive I happened to have an Alabama’s greatest hits cd with me. His parents at the time were sitting in the back and letting us guys who thought we were cool driving up front. We hit this one song and just kept singing it over and over. For some odd reason that song stuck. I don’t tell too many people that (aside from all of you on the web) but that is how close we are.

For me, that doesn’t happen very often. However I trust this friend with every bit of my soul and would do anything for him as well. That is a great relationship to me.

My Brother and Family

I have an amazing family. They are warm, loving, and very normal in many respects. That doesn’t always fit with my personality but it helps me realize that you can be normal and happy.

I envied all of my grandparents. They came from extremely different backgrounds. My Dad’s Dad who I call Papa has an 8th grade education, was a paratrooper in WWII, is a piss and vinegar country boy, but would give the shirt off his back for anyone he cares about. In fact I wrote my senior high school paper on him. He is why I’m proud to call myself a Collinsworth.

My other grandparents were more cultured, educated, but fantastic in a different right. My brother and I got very different viewpoints that helped shaped our views on a lot of things. They would take us to plays, ball games, and help us learn and grow from a different perspective. My grandfather was a doctor – a very well respected one – and he was another hero of mine.

I also envied the marriage my grandparents had. They made it to 60 years of bliss until my grandfather passed away. At his funeral so many people showed up that it took 3 hours longer than it should’ve to get everyone through. Amazing the impact they both had on people – especially us grandchildren.

My brother. He is the best brother a guy could have. He has grown into an exceptional man and I’m proud to say I hope I had a part in that. I was the older one who screwed up a lot. He never wavered. He stayed on the straight and narrow path and made good decisions. Me not so not. We stuck together through thick and thin and I would back him and vice versa no matter what.
We are polar opposites but at the end of the day we are brothers and love each other and would go through hell to help the other one out. I’m proud of him and all that he’s accomplished.

More About My Family

I’ve talked about my relationship with my father in other posts so you can scour and read those. He was a great guy but passed away at a fairly young age. We had a good relationship but communicated mostly through sports and those types of activities. We didn’t always relate the best but I knew he loved me and would do anything for me. It is just the way he was. When my son was born I vowed to work hard and develop a great father son relationship so he could always come to me no matter what. I used to tell others that is the reason I tried, experienced, and went through so much. So that one day whether he is the only one I helped, I could make a difference in that child’s life.

Over the years I also developed other father figure relationships that would shape the man I became. They provided points of view that I needed to learn how to become a man and develop as a person. I’m grateful that during times when my own father was not around I had these men in my life to help me learn and grow.

The Queen

My mom is a wonderful woman. I will dedicate an entire post another time to her. She has been there through thick and thin and has done the best she can with what she had. Sometimes that wasn’t anything more than love, but at the end of the day I knew that she loved my brother and I unconditionally and she is a special woman – as any mother should be to their children.
Marriage. Well now this is an entire topic in and of itself. The odds seem to be against a lifelong/successful marriage. My grandparents did it over 60 years. My other grandpa was on his third marriage, but final one to say the least with my grandmother who is perfect for him.

As you’ve read my marriage didn’t work, but I am a firm believer in soul mates. I eluded to my best friend earlier. If you can have a soul mate as a buddy, then he is it. Currently I may or may not have found my counterpart in the opposite sex. Time will tell but I am certainly excited about the possibilities of the future.

So, What Defines a Great Relationship In Lake Cumberland?

Over the years many people have come and gone from my life. Some have been around for the entire time and some future life long relationships have yet to develop. To me a great relationship is someone who accepts you for who you are, makes an impact on your life and vice versa, is there for you no matter the situation, and makes you want to be a better person.
I’ve had some very destructive relationships and over time, once I realized it, I got rid of them or kept them at a distance. I didn’t want to go down the dark path they were headed towards. The above are my great relationships. Take a look at yours and define what you believe is a great relationship and if those people are moving you towards or away from your own goals and dreams. There is nothing wrong with getting negative people out of your life.

Divorce and Dating In Lake Cumberland – What I Know Now…

Divorce and Dating In Lake Cumberland – What I Know Now…

Dating In Cumberland LakeI eluded in my story that I was married for almost ten years (throughout my entire twenties) and have now been divorced over two years. Dating has proven to be a very different thing since I was in my late teens and early twenties.

Women are different. Dating in Lake Cumberland, they have been through a lot more as have I. I also have a young son that I have to consider and in many cases the women have children as well via previous relationships or marriage. That in itself adds a new dynamic to the situation.

In this post I want to share my insights, what I’ve learned, tips, and how I’ve both failed and succeeded when dating after divorce.

Initial Thoughts on Divorce and Dating

Maybe you haven’t been married, but chances are you’ve been through serious relationships or long term relationships. Maybe meeting someone new is easy for you? For most of us when we have a relationship or marriage that does not succeed, we lose a bit of self esteem and face fear and other negative thoughts as we start to put ourselves back out there. Plus, dating becomes a ruthless game where your salesmanship of yourself must be solid.

Personally, I did not think I would be able to meet women in Lake Cumberland. I was scared to death since I’d been out of the game for many years at this point. I recall sitting there questioning whether I had what it took to put myself back out there and meet someone, anyone. I thought who would want this single, broken down man who couldn’t even make his marriage work? I was completely down on myself and I learned over time that other guys went through the same type of thoughts coming out of a divorce or long term relationship.

Boy Was I Wrong…

Dating In Lake Cumberland Is No Easy Task!

I started slow at first. Actually it happened as soon as I made the decision to pick myself up and start moving on in life. First thing I did was begin working on myself. What went wrong in my marriage? What were the areas my ex wife said I needed to work on?

I focused first on becoming the man I needed to be in order to be ready for that next person. I spent time in the gym and eating healthy focusing on my physical attributes of Lake Cumberland dating. I spent time listening and reading self help books and CD’s figuring out how to be a better person. I also began to learn about relationships and women (something I should’ve done during my marriage).

First Dates At Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland Dating

The first instance of dating in Lake Cumberland came when I was out of town visiting a friend. A woman who I thought was attractive had shown interest in me. She wasn’t necessarily forward but I began to notice signs that were fairly easy to pick up on. Being a guy who is fairly blunt, I began to chat it up to see what type of response I would get. Giggling at dumb jokes, noticing a look here or there and I realized that perhaps there was something there. Funny part was nothing happened that night, but a couple of days later I get a text from her that she may be interested but was a little put off because of her history and my own.

First thing I learned is that the women I was now meeting had their own “baggage” so to speak. They had their own issues with relationships and past experiences that made them very aware and weary. I also learned that women do believe in love and all the fairy tale stuff even if they hadn’t found it yet or had been hurt badly – that they want this.

Lake Cumberland Isn’t So Bad For Guys

I also quickly learned that if you are a half decent guy who treats people with respect then meeting women didn’t have to be that hard. I also learned what the word “creeper” meant. Not that I was one (or hope not), but that many guys are and the way they approach or go after a woman is down right wrong/strange. Not that I’m an expert or anything at all this, but I have had a lot of luck and by guys being totally lost when it came to dating/asking out women/striking up a conversation it became easier for me. Let me continue to show you what I mean…

I began to date after my divorce and met women all over the place. I would meet them out with friends, at workplace, out and about, and online. Yes I tried online dating. I had done research and decided to set up a account. I paid for a 3 month service and spent some time on my profile. I hate taking pictures but found some that I liked and posted. The good side of online dating is that you are interacting with women who are looking for someone so their are more fish in the sea so to speak.

The down side is trying to stand out, putting yourself out there, and going up against a lot of different people doing the same thing you did. As stated I spent a lot of time on my profile. That seemed to make a difference. Two I actually would send emails. I did to those I was interested in by reading their profile. I looked for common interests and would contact them that way. I didn’t wait for them to come to me all the time. Some didn’t respond. Some said no thanks. This was ok. I wanted to weed out the women that would not fit based on who I was. I also ended up running into via matches women who I knew from growing up and school. I would contact them to say hello and then get the inside scoop from the woman’s point of view. They filled me in on what they liked and didn’t like and I worked at honing the way I approached the women both online and offline to win a date.

Meeting Women At Lake Cumberland

I ended up meeting women who I dated exclusively for a while. Due to timing issues in my life and dealing with things outside of the relationship caused the dating to end eventually. However, these were positive experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. In fact I’m still friends with these women and care about them deeply.

Recommendations if you are going to get out there and start dating – these come from my experience, friends experience, and feedback from other women…

Be confident. Women like confidence. Not egotistical or self centered – a real man is neither and it will come through very quickly. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try.

Don’t be a creepy guy. Don’t use d-bag pick up lines. Pick up lines are fine but learn some quality ones if you are going to use them. They do work. We can talk more about those later. Just don’t be creepy.

Try different avenues. Get involved in your community. Be weary of dating someone you work with or that you will have to see if things don’t work out.

Know what you want and be honest/open upfront. If you don’t want a long term deal, then be honest about that.
Don’t date while still married – get through the process first. It’s not fair to anyone involved.

Be nice – as Daulton says in one of my guilty pleasure favorite movies, Roadhouse – Be nice. Be yourself. Don’t be someone you aren’t. That doesn’t mean don’t try to improve on areas of yourself.

Don’t date married women. I never did this and it’s a rule I live by. Some will but have some values and don’t allow that to happen. Think if your wife dated someone while you were married. How would you have felt?

If you have children (or they do too) be smart about bringing them into the situation. Is there a right time? My thought is there is if you see a future and want to find out how the kids will like the other person/family. This is a big one in my opinion and one I screwed up with a couple times, but handled it properly and in a way that my child understood. It has also been the cause for me ending it at one point and that was hard to do – b/c my son wasn’t going to mesh into others lives and I made the choice.

Don’t Be Jealous!

Being jealous will not work. This is why being open and honest at Lake Cumberland is important. Games are no fun and the fact that perhaps little ones plus mending hearts are involved you have to be able to trust slowly.

Which brings up the next point – go slow. Get through that exciting, beginning phase. Enjoy it, but after that is when you really see how it will work. Schedules, conflicts, time together, time apart, commitments, and so forth can create havoc when dating.

Honor your promises. I made a ton of these when I got divorced and I haven’t broken them yet. I don’t plan to and make this very clear when I begin dating someone.

Don’t be selfish. I don’t do anything for selfish reasons and consider others before myself in terms of dating. I make sure that my son comes first and that the women know that.

Texting is fun and going online, but don’t ever be afraid of the face to face stuff or the phone. Eventually if you meet one you will have to talk without technology. I will say that had texting been big when I was younger I would’ve had a lot more success (b/c I was shy).

If you are going to end something do so by talking it through. Don’t end on bad terms. I am still friends with most of the women I dated and wish them the best with other relationships. I even offer up a guys point of view from time to time when they ask.

There are more, but these are the ones that come to mind right away thinking back throughout my dating time. It has created a lot of new dynamics and issues because of everyone involved. I have to still consider my son, my living arrangements, their situation, and more. You have to be smart with dating after divorce. Make smart choices and you won’t end up in a situation where you are stuck or getting remarried only to end in another divorce. The stats are quite high for second plus marriages that get divorced. In my opinion this is due to people jumping in before they are ready.

I spent a lot of time at Lake Cumberland alone to ensure that whomever I end up with, I am ready for and they are ready for me. I refuse to divorce again. It was hard. There were a lot of lonely times, but to this day I’ve become stronger for it.

Good luck. Hope this helps somewhat. I’ll provide more in specific areas, but for now this ends our talk on dating and divorce. Love to hear your own feedback on how it has worked out for you!

Cumberland Lake Poker Run Trip

Lake Cumberland Poker Run TripThe Cumberland Lake Poker Run is a sight to behold. What a blast it can be!

This will be a fun post to share with you a recent trip to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky for the annual Poker Run of boats that tends to be the solidifier to the summer. This was my second opportunity attending this amazing event and boy both times were fantastic. Let me tell you why and I’ll share some pics as well…

First Trip to Lake Cumberland

So my very first trip to the lake was a couple years ago. At the time I was in the midst of my divorce and this was with a number of coworkers. I was beginning to come out of my shell in terms of moving on from my marriage and was ready to have a grand ole time visiting the lake. The cool part was that it was the annual poker run (which is what this recent trip was) meaning the boats would be out in full force, the people came from all over to watch, race, and have a good time.

We took that Friday off and made the four hour trip in the morning so we could spend the day settling in and kind of getting to know one another on a more relaxed level. We stayed at a lake house that had an outstanding view, plenty of privacy, and was perfect for the dozen or so of us that went along.

Friday the rain would not leave us alone. So we ended up spending most of the day just enjoying the house and the area. I won’t get into too many details given the fact that I work with many of the people that were there. Safe to say we stayed responsible and had a great time. Cooked out later, enjoyed getting to know each other, and just relaxed.

The Lake Cumberland Poker Run Is Amazing!

Saturday the sun finally came out to shine and everyone was revved up for the poker run. We got up, ate, and headed down to the lake to catch the boat to get out towards the party cove while viewing the speed boats (some of which cost high 6 and even 7 figures) raced across the lake at 150+ mph. It was insane watching these monsters skate across the water in the blink of an eye.

There were boats everywhere and there were people everywhere just having a great time. The energy in the place was outstanding and it turned out to be a memorable trip to say the least. Again I know The Cumberland Lake Poker Run I’m leaving out a lot of details, but that is for the good of everyone. Bottom line is that if you get a chance to experience this event (people come from all over the south and midwest) then you should go!

This Trip to The Lake Cumberland Poker Run

Lake Cumberland Poker Run RelaxingI was invited from a friend to spend the weekend on a houseboat. Now I have never been on a houseboat but the last time we were at the lake it was apparent how amazing these houseboats could get and this one was no slouch to say the least. In fact it was probably nicer than any of the homes I’ve own (kind of sad when you think about it) but it is amazing what money can do. The folks who owned this boat owned a company and worked hard for it so they deserved to enjoy some finer things in life.

We got down there late on Friday night. Everyone was already in good shape and having a good time. I was introducted into the mix very quickly and it was fun. Everyone was super nice and the best part was seeing grown, successful adults just having a good time. Nothing seemed to matter. Everyone was responsible, but the thing that many seem to get caught up in when we grow up is that the fun ends when you graduate college. Not true at all from what I’ve experienced over the last few years.

We ended up staying up pretty late walking the docks, swimming in the lake, and just enjoying our first night there. Relaxation set in very quickly.

The Big Poker Run At Cumberland Lake!

Saturday we woke, had breakfast on the boat, and set off the docks in order to get a glimpse at the boats. The weather started off kind of rough but we weren’t going to let that ruin our time. There were about 10 people on the boat and we planned to stop at another dock across the lake where the party is at so The Cumberland Lake Poker Run that nobody had to drive the boat if they decided to drink (being a houseboat there were only a few folks who could drive it).

The day went by lightning fast. Good conversation, food, drinks, and more led to more fun. The boats were fantastic as usual. The lake was crowded. We ended up tying up with another houseboat – the cool part was that one guy on our boat owned a houseboat company and built the houseboat we were on. We ended up hooking up to his brother who owns a big company down in the area and it created a unique networking experience which was quality.

Spending The Day At The Poker Run

The remainder of the day was laughing and just having a great time with friends. Dancing ensued throughout the evening, chowing on burgers, laughing, talking smack, and just all out having a blast. The music was fantastic, the company was fantastic, and the entire day was perfect. I gave up a bit earlier than most but couldn’t quite hang anymore and decided to turn in. Again the boat was awesome. Four bedrooms, a full kitchen, a grill on the second deck, a living room with TV, front deck, back deck, slide to go down, and a third deck called the sun deck. You can literally live on this thing and the thought crossed my mind many times.

Sunday everyone was moving a little slower than normal as the entire day of Saturday seemed to wear everyone out extensively. Breakfast, coffee, and cracking jokes on who did what The Cumberland Lake Poker Run the night before continued. We had a solid 2 hour trip back to their dock and the day was sunny and beautiful (see pic of me relaxing on deck below…

Relaxing on Houseboat At The Cumberland Lake Poker Run

It was a bit chillier than you’d like but the ride was just what we needed to prep for the four hour drive home. Safe to say that Lake Cumberland is a fun place whether it is Poker Run weekend or not. It is peaceful down there and there is something about being out in nature and on the lake that really provides a tranquil experience.
Hopefully I have enticed you to visit this part of Kentucky. I have left out The Cumberland Lake Poker Run a lot for specific purposes but you should get the point that a weekend at this lake is a lot of fun.

Lake Cumberland Poker Run

Assurance In Faith Is Strong At Lake Cumberland

Assurance In Faith Is Strong At Lake Cumberland

Assurance In FaithAssurance in Faith at Lake Cumberland has proven to be strong in our little community.

A recent Sunday morning sermon at Lake Cumberland revealed how to have assurance in your faith and live a life where you have complete assurance. We all would love to be sure of things such as how to put our children through college, that our relationships will always be strong and continue to grow, that we remain healthy, that our career or business life is secure and will get us where we want to go, etc. You get the point. Think of areas of your life where you want complete assurance.

We all know though that life doesn’t just always follow one set path and we get hit with roadblocks, detours, and other unexpected situations that make life a journey.

Ok, Joe what then is assurance when discussing faith?

Do remember that I am not a pastor. This is what I got out of the sermon and how I’m going to utilize it in my own life. Also that just because these are my beliefs, doesn’t mean they are or have to be yours. What I’m trying to prove throughout these is what I take from what I learn in my own faith and how to apply it to everyday life. That is the key point.
First, we must experience God by walking with God. We’ll have trouble having him in our lives to do good if we are not walking with him.

But who the heck are we, anyway?

We must strive for perfection, raise our standards, and be blameless. We know we aren’t perfect, but we must work hard to ensure we grow and work towards being as perfect as we can. This is done by keeping an eye on details, making the right decisions, staying focused on what our priorities are, share our gifts with others, and doing the right thing.
“You Will Experience Good from Me.” ~God…

This particular line/statement is where it got deep in terms of how in my life have I experienced good from God. It has been resonating with me quite a bit since sitting in Lake Cumberland church that day.

Can you think of times in your life where a situation could’ve turned out much worse than it did and you wondered how you were so lucky?

Having Faith Is Better Here

I recall one time when a deer ran out into the middle of the street (a non rural area) during the middle of the day. I was driving home from working out in my dad’s car. I didn’t even see the deer and next thing I know a crash came on the driver’s side as the deer had ran right into the car – he literally shattered the front window and hit about 1 foot from the drivers side door. Do note that the window was down and if that deer had hit the driver’s side and I hadn’t seen him, it may have damaged not only the car by me as well. This is one of those experiences where I saw good from God. The funny part was that my dad came and got me, the car, and we put the deer in the trunk of the car and took him home to field dress him. We ate fantastically for weeks!

I can think of times when I would be darn near ready to give up on something – it could’ve been a business, a relationship, or other and sat, contemplated, prayed and would make a decision. Time would pass for a little while, I was revisit my decision many times but typically sticking with it, and before long a better door would open or God would prove to me that my decision was absolutely the right one even though at the time it was hard and would cause a bit of pain for a little while.

These types of experiences happen all the time. You could literally go on for days by looking back in your life or those around you and see how good things have happened to them. A situation where a loved one or yourself miraculously gets better after an illness where nobody gave them a chance. A time when you were on your last bit of cash and needed something to happen by finding a new job or in your business and all of a sudden good things begin to happen. There are many and I remember always thinking that ok if we need to do this or that it will all work out if we just believe.

Assurance And Faith

Assurance In Faith Requires… FAITH!

Now I can see you sitting there thinking that bad things happen all the time that we can’t explain. We just honored the annual remembrence of 9/11. That was a horrific incident and sure you can find some positives that have come out of it but at the end of the day many, many lives were lost and it was horrific to experience. However, we have to realize that these are the times that we cannot explain and those are the times that we cannot understand as humans. What I’ve been taught is that in these times of turmoil and weakness that is when we must rely on God to give us his strength.

Assurance in faith! Anyhow, the question you must ask yourself going forward is, “What is keeping you from experiencing good from God (or whatever you believe)?”

Not a long post today, but when talking about faith, a lot of times it comes down more to the thought afterwards, how it relates to you, and how to apply it to your life.

How To Be Fulfilled Fishing On Lake Cumberland

How To Be Fulfilled Fishing On Lake Cumberland

Fulfilled In Life With Lake Cumberland FishingAgree or Disagree – The Only Way to Find Total Fulfillment in Lake Cumberland is by successful fishing…

There are said to be six human needs and they must be met on a consistent basis in order for fulfillment to happen in our lives. Have you ever felt great in various areas of your life whether it be career, financial, relationships, spiritual, health, parenting, other?

Yet it seems that perhaps one area of your life or more just can’t seem to come together? Look at some of your friends and you will see this clear as day. For instance I have had trouble some of my life in the financial sector. I understand it, I practice it, yet I seem to never be able to get where I want.

However, in other areas of my life I excel with ease. I don’t get it. With that said I’ve seen friends excel in the financial sector yet have trouble in areas where for me everything has just fallen into place so to speak. They struggle, they want it, yet they can’t seem to achieve their goals. This makes me wonder if what we are focusing on is wrong and perhaps we are “chasing” something when that is not how life works in Lake Cumberland when you’re fishing.

Now I don’t necessarily believe in the laws of attraction and all that. I just want to fish and Lake Cumberland is the place I like to do it. But I do believe that if need to focus on each area of our life but if we struggle in one area or another then something somewhere is just not working properly and we need to reevealuate and assess how to get where we want or what we want.

What Are The Six Needs To Live A Fulfilling Life While Fishing On Lake Cumberland?

I have read many books on this subject because one of my passions in my own life is to find total fulfillment. I want to wake up everyday elated and no matter what challenges I may face that day I am still excited to get out of bed and do what I need to do, see the people I love, and practice becoming a better person overall.

With that said from this research and experiences, let’s dive into the 6 needs that one must meet to gain fulfillment in their life.

Certainty and Comfort – we all like to feel a sense of certainty and comfort in our lives. It makes us feel sure about things. It gives us a feeling of knowing that everything will turn out ok. Most people however reach for that certainty via items such as food, alcohol, work, or other. They make you feel good in a moment but don’t serve the greater good. The key is to utilize your courage and faith to find that certainty.

Growth – everything that is alive is either growing or dying. That is how life works. You will never feel totally happy if you don’t feel like you are growing as a human. Growth is one of my favorite of the human needs because personally stepping out of my comfort zone and/or learning and conquering something new is a fantastic way to feel alive.

Significance – everyone wants to feel important, wanted, loved, and that what they do on a daily basis makes a difference. There is a fine line for making ourselves feel significant. We can do it through destructive actions or positive actions. Question how you feel significant and ask yourself if it is in a way that provides value to others or just makes you feel good.

Uncertainty – we have to have a little uncertainty because too much certainty is boring but too much variety welcomes fear and concern into our lives. The key is to choose vehicles that allow you to have a solid balance of certainty and uncertainty to feel alive. This sometimes means getting out of your comfort zone some in order to grow. It doesn’t mean doing things that are destructive to your well being or others around you.

Connection and Love – all human beings want to feel connected in order to share love with others. Getting involved with groups, gangs, teams, and other organizations to feel connected. Both have positive and negative implications. Some folks will do things such as take drugs or sit in a bar with a bunch of people drinking in order to feel connected. Others will do extraordinary things such as giving back to get that feel of love and connection. One thing I have learned is that to feel connected and loved you must get out there and first give to get those feelings.

Contribution – giving back and contributing to society is a final peg in total fulfillment. This includes not only giving to others but also yourself. Finding the balance to this will bring ultimate joy to your life.

How to Gain Fulfillment – Classes of Experiences…

What does any of this have to do with fishing on Lake Cumberland? Stick with me, I’m getting there!

What We Can Learn From Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins explained in his courses there are four different classes of experiences that each of the above can reach. The key to fulfillment will be to understand each class and be sure you are obtaining the top tiered class with each area of your life.

Class 1: These are the peak life experiences where these experiences not only feel good, but they are good for you, others, and serves the greater good.

Class 2: These do not feel good but allow for situations where you have the ability to grow. This may be a situation where you are way out of your comfort zone. They are good for you, for others, and serve the greater good, however they are areas that you do not like because they don’t give you the warm and fuzzies inside. Turn these into class 1 and you will grow, learn, and discover fulfillment.

Class 3: The class 3 experiences provide immediate pleasure but tend to destroy our quality of life. An example of this is drinking too much booz. It feels good but is not good on all other levels and eventually leads to pain. Think of another experience that could be in this category. I have seen lives destroyed because of these types of experiences.

Class 4: Nothing is good about these. They tend to be from peer pressure or bad belief systems. Stay away from these all together!

A lot of this comes from my study of experts and utilizing it to identify experiences in my own life. My goal out of life to get to total fulfillment. I wake up everyday and choose to be happy and live a joyous, productive day. However, each day I also work to have those class 2 and class 1 experiences in the 6 human needs in order to continue down the path of complete fulfillment! Either way I’m enjoying the entire process.

If the graduating class of 2015 only knew what life had waiting for them.

To end just remember this quote when it comes to living a fulfilling life fishing on Lake Cumberland.

One Of Our DJ’s Is Feeling Down. Can You Relate?

Feeling DownThis post is more of a ramble today…

And I’m not my usual Happy Lake Cumberland DJ self.

What do you do when you feel beat down? We’ve all heard the saying when it rains it pours. You know I feel that I can handle situations as they hit me but sometimes they do get overwhelming.

I have learned to try to take in the situations and understand the feelings I’m getting from it. That isn’t always easy to do.
Example, I call my best friend the other day of like 25 years and he says, what are you doing? I say I’m on the way to see a lawyer about this and that.

Feeling Down Can Bring Others Down, Too

He just starts laughing and simply states that he and I are always dealing with some crap. He has been through his own ups and downs over the years and he’s always handled them like a man.

He then says something that resonated with me – he said, dude we aren’t bad people, what is the deal and how can we catch a break? I thought long about that the rest of the day. It is amazing to work so hard at doing the right thing, make the right decisions, and every step forward tends to come with two steps back.

Battling these situations just seems to be a way of life and the better you are at conquering them, the happier and more successful your life will be.

Listen we all go through challenges. We all have shit happen to us that we would not wish on our worst enemy. How we deal with them is what makes the difference.

I have learned that the questions I ask tend to make a difference. I find myself sometimes saying things like, why did this happen to me? That is not a good question I have learned. So I began to ask things like, what can I learn from this? Where is the opportunity in all this turmoil? How can I turn this around for the better? How can I become stronger because of this? How can I help someone else deal with a similar situation?

Turning That Frown Upside Down

Feeling Down Lake Cumberland
Another thing I do is find something that makes me feel good (that is not destructive). I will exercise, take my dog for a walk, just call and talk to someone close, write on this blog or my other sites, listen to music, watch a funny flick, or one of my favorites is to grab one of my books that either discuss positive thinking, personal growth, or the Bible and read some.
There have been times over the past 3 years that feeling beat down has become common and consistently picking myself up and dusting myself off is something I apparently am getting good at. LOL!

Maybe you’re having that kind of time in your life right now? Where it just seems that you can’t seem to get ahead no matter what you do. There is the old saying the definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over again expecting a different result. Whenever I feel this way, I just think about that great vacation I took with my son to Lake Cumberland.

Sometimes it isn’t a matter of having to do anything different, but more of a situation that we have to reflect and figure out a different approach or just hammer it harder and take more action. If I was graduating in 2015, this is what I’d want to know.

Sometimes You Get What You Wished For

I guess I’m getting what I wished for. I wanted to experience life and gain wisdom to help others and it appears that I’m dead stuck in the middle of it trying to wade my way through the mud to get to the next journey!

No matter what happens in life take it for what it is. Learn and grow from it. Perhaps a new door will open and what lies on the other side is something much greater than we could’ve ever imagined.

I once read that life gives us glimpses. There are times when we see or experience something that can eventually become our reality and alter our destiny forever. You don’t know what you don’t know and going through the trials and tribulations as well as the great times can shape our life of ultimate experiences.

My Recommendation For People Feeling Down

One thing I will recommend is to never compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique. Be yourself and don’t let anyone get in the way of that (in a positive manner of course – don’t be destructive).

Enough of this rant. I sure hope if you’re reading this right now your life is going fantastic. It will at times and there will be times when it won’t go the way you planned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the bull by the horns and kick that situations ass.

Talk soon and be sure to leave a comment!

What It Means To Be A Man On Vacation!

Lake Cumberland Man Trip

What Does it mean to you to be a man? What is your definition of what a man is, what he does, how he handles himself, etc?
Have you ever even thought of this? I know I do all the time and it typically stems from a variety of men and experiences over the years – those that I have wanted to be like and emulate and those that I have not I steer clear of their traits.

Traits I See/Envision of What it Means to be a Man on Vacation in Lake Cumberland

  • Strong
  • A leader
  • Confident
  • Healthy
  • Tough
  • Caring and loving
  • A protector
  • A hero to his children (if he has them)
  • A good friend
  • Has a huge heart
  • Would do anything for those around him

It Takes More Than You Think To Be A Man

You aren’t a real man just because you have a pair of balls, deep voice, and more. Just because you beat some guy up at the bar doesn’t make you a man. And just because you intimidate those around you doesn’t make you a man either.

Being a man has nothing to do with your age or status or size. A real man is one with character.

Let me explain one of the stories of a man that I called Dad and the moment I heard this story I knew being like him all these years was something I was extremely proud of. That’s what it means to be a man.

But we here in Lake Cumberland do things different. Here, what it means to be a man on vacation is spending time with your son fishing and exploring.

I do have to note my mom became both mother and father on many occasions and she is a strong, loving woman. I will certainly share that in another post because without our moms, we would not be the men we become. Sadly some men don’t have the above traits or follow the right paths and sometimes that is attributed to not having solid values from both parents in their lives.
Anyhow, my brother did a rendition of this story at my father’s funeral. I was away at college at this time. It was Christmas Eve and after years of working hard in the paper industry as a salesman, the industry went through tough times and layoffs were prominent during these years.

Not giving up my father did what he had to do at the time and got a job at a grocery store. He took a job well below his education level (he held a masters degree in business) just to make ends meet and make sure my brother had what he needed at the time to finish up his schooling.

Spending The Holidays On Vacation At Lake Cumberland Like a Man

It was late Christmas Eve and my Dad, Stepmom, and brother had returned home from one of our family gatherings for the holidays. My brother was laying in bed (and I hadn’t ever heard this story until the funeral) overhearing a bit of a disagreement between my Dad and Stepmom.

The arguing had to do with the fact that it was the holidays and my Dad had to go into work at the grocery store that night for some reason or another. He hated it to his entire core and my Stepmom kept telling him to quit and he didn’t need that job and he was more talented than that.

My Dad simply looked her in the eye and said, hon I have to go in. It is my job and I am not a quitter. As a man it is my job to take care of this house and to show others that I manage my responsibilities. Others at the store are counting on me to be there. It is my job as a man to work this sh*thole job for us to continue forward without struggling.

A Real Man Loves Family

He gave her a hug and kiss and headed to work. That was one of the stories over the years that made my father one of my heroes.
Real Men Have Characteristics…

Our character is who we are everyday. How we handle situations, both ups and downs. How we treat others who are unable to help us, thereby expecting nothing in return. Character is doing the right thing when nobody is around.

There are times when you have to set your pride and ego aside. There are times when you have to do things when you’d rather not. There are times when you have to make decisions that put you in a lose/lose situation and you have to make the best choice. Lake Cumberland does things differently.

Do you act on things you say? Do you follow your principles and values? Is your word solid gold? Can people trust that you will be there for them when they need you? Do you keep your promises?

Are you able to handle tough times with strength? Are you one who learns from mistakes? Do you persevere and never give up on things?

What Really Makes a Man?

These are all things that build us as men.

Think of many movie characters that we can relate to this article (like a William Wallace of Braveheart) and you’ll start to envision just what it means to be a man. Use your own examples.

I see those sayings all the time, “what would _________ do?” I do that with the heroes in my life and when I come up on a situation that is foreign or challenging, I ask this question to hear the advice to take action and make the right decisions.

What a Man is Not…

This is something the graduating class of 2015 needs here hear if you live in Lake Cumberland.

One who talks behind someone’s back. A man does not quit when the going gets tough. A man is not one who manipulates and goes for gain for selfish reasons. A man is not a man if he thinks he can use his strength to overpower people (i.e. violent actions). A man does not cower from challenges.

We are men. We make mistakes. We do dumb stuff. But the key is if you are a man then you need to continue to improve yourself for the better each and everyday.

Talk soon and be sure to like this and/or leave comments below…

What It Means To Be A Man

Fun Adventures In Lake Cumberland

Fun Adventures In Lake Cumberland

Lake Cumberland Adventures

Life Adventures and Other Fun Stuff…

This is the section of the site that will be devoted to fun, adventurous in Lake Cumberland, and other miscellaneous stuff.
I love to live life to the fullest. I enjoy spending time with friends, family, trying to adventures, exercise, being outdoors, traveling, reading, and more.

I am going to devote this section of the site to any post that falls into this realm or outside of the other realms of life mastery topics.

Ever since I took my first father son trip to Lake Cumberland I was hooked.

Memories From Your Adventurous in Lake Cumberland Last a Lifetime

If you are always working in Lake Cumberland or busy trying to reach your destination and don’t stop to reward yourself, enjoy life around you, spend time with others, and so on then life will pass by in a blink and you’ll miss out on a lot of experiences and potential stories/memories.

With all that said, let’s get busy living and throughout the process of finding fulfillment in life, let’s take a few moments here and there and have a little fun!

Feel free to comment as much as you want and add to the bucket list all you wish…

Which Brings Me to the Bucket List…

Have you ever seen that movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman fishing on Lake Cumberland? If not rent it, it is excellent. The key thought if you don’t know is if you had say one year (arbitrary number) to live what items/activities/adventures would you put on a list that you “HAD” to do before kicking the bucket?

Upon my divorce I began to do this and have been adding to it (and sometimes crossing off) over the years…

Here are a few Lake Cumberland tips and I’ll share the whole list in another post…

  • Take a month and tour Europe
  • Learn how to surf
  • Climb a mountain
  • Become a black belt in martial arts
  • Become a professional speaker (this is more of a goal)
  • Skydive
  • Visit Australia
  • Zip Line
  • Become a grandfather
  • Read the entire bible
  • Help someone else achieve their own dreams
  • Write a check to a charity bigger than many people make in a year

And so on…

These are some of the adventurous Lake Cumberland ones. As stated I’ll share others as we go.
If you don’t have a bucket list start one now!

Advice For The Graduating Class Of 2015

Advice For The Graduating Class Of 2015

The Lake Cumberland graduating class of 2015 will soon be throwing those hats in the air. But, here is some advice for the graduating class of 2015. Take note!

What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self Now If I Was In The Graduating Class Of 2015

I thought this would be a fun post and an insightful one as well. Why? Because we all know hindsight is 20/20 and I’m sure at one point and time we would want to go back in time and tell ourselves to do or not do something. However, the other side of that coin is that you would take away what life is truly about – discovery, growth, and learning.

Personally, I know one thing. That I am not in charge of my life. The good Lord upstairs is and he is guiding me, but if I could go back roughly 15+ years and talk to my egotistical, teenage self about what to expect as I ventured out into the real world as a man what would I say.

The beauty of this is that I will get to do that with my son (but more likely than not he won’t always listen nor would I perhaps even to my older, wiser self).

Where Is The Graduating Class Of 2015?

Have you ever really thought about this? What would you change? What would you do differently? What decisions have shaped the course of your life for the better or worse? What risks would you take or not take?

I do an exercise when making decisions in my life. It is a quick, high level type exercise where I simply picture myself sitting in a rocking chair at the age of 75 looking back on my life and all that happened. Did I regret anything? Did I wish I would’ve done this or that? Did I wish that I would’ve at least tried when I didn’t? Was I ok with giving up when it felt right? What would make me happy to move on from this life? Questions like that. My biggest fear is I will sit there as an old man wishing I had done more. I want to leave this earth knowing that even if I sucked and failed miserably, I at least had the balls to try.

What All Lake Cumberland Students Need To Know

With that Said, Here is the Conversation/Topics I would Share with My 18 Year Old Self Going Back in Time

Before I began I’m sure this list will grow as thoughts come to mind, but here is the first set of thoughts I’d tell myself if I could go back in time. As I do this think the same for yourself and what you may have changed or done differently or even the same for that fact of the matter.

Decisions you make now even at a young age could shape and alter your future for many years to come.
Don’t get married too quickly no matter how well things are going. Be patient – really get to know each other.
Finish college the first time around. Stick to it. Get the degree or you’ll be playing catch up.
Don’t give up on your dreams. Even at 18 you may have goals of where you want to be in five years but those may change drastically as you move forward through college.

Figure out what you want to do with your life and go for it. Doesn’t matter what it is.
Don’t chase money. It will elude you. Learn how to create and add value to people’s lives.
Be careful when considering real estate as an investment.

Have a great time in college but be responsible too. Be smart and make intelligent decisions.
Work hard at building life long relationships and stay away from people who bring you down.
Make the best time you can with your dad. He may not be around forever.

The List Of Advice For 2015 Graduates

  • Take care of your mom and your brother. They are great people in your life and will need your leadership.
  • Don’t try to keep up with the Jones. Life is more than just the crap you accumulate.
  • Work hard when you do get married at the relationship. Work hard at any relationship.
  • Focus on giving and being a better man. Stay on course even when times get tough.
  • Don’t forget who you are and don’t ever lose who you are.
  • Home ownership kind of sucks.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks. Have faith and confidence.
  • Listen to your gut – it’s almost always the right way to go.
  • Save money and learn to invest it properly. The economy takes a horrible turn.
  • Find God – don’t wait. He will be a huge determinant in your life.
  • Keep moving forward. Be true to your word and values. Put people before you.

That’s a start. I’m sure there’s a lot more but if I was sitting, staring at my 18 year old self (15 years ago), these are some of the things I would tell him.

Oh, and don’t take exercise lightly. Do it while you can. And don’t go to the gym. Instead, exercise outside like nature intended.

Again, part of me wants to say don’t listen because all of my decisions and where I’m at now are due to the choices I’ve made. Some good, some not so good. They have shaped me as a person and at this point I don’t regret much if anything in my life.
I hope you got something out of this exercise. I hope that when I’m 75 I can look back and say that I’ve done everything I wanted even if I tried and failed. I have lived a fulfilling life.

Father Son Trip To Lake Cumberland

Father Son TripMy boy and I are about to embark on our summer father son trip right before he begins first grade! We are super excited about traveling to a place neither of us has ever been.

Originally our plans were to pack up a car and head south towards South Carolina for a few days on the beach and a couple days in Tennessee. That plan however got changed last minute, but nothing and nobody was going to stop us from being together and having a blast.

After talking to a number of people we decided to travel a couple hours from our home to Hocking Hills. Now I have lived in Ohio my entire life (aside from the 1 year stint in IN), and there are some fantastic parts of Ohio once you get out of the big cities that are spectacular countryside – Hocking Hills is one of those spots.
Here is a quick picture of us touring one of the caves (more pics to come)…

Father Son Trip Tips For Lake Cumberland

Father Son Trip To Lake Cumberland

Here is an awesome article on father son trips and great destinations.

This was taken our last day at Ash Cave. This cave was amazing, but not the only one we ventured around during our few days in the Hills. The hiking and hills in this part of Ohio was breathtaking. The paths were easy to follow, many of the cave areas had very steep cliffs that were a little nerve wracking at times.

There’s no doubt. The journey of life is crazy.

A Trip Always Has Hiccups

The boy got stung by a bee for the first time and boy that was like bloody murder. I felt so bad for him and although it put us out of commission for a few hours he ended up being ok and we continued on.

Barely any cell service, no Internet, and just the woods was a perfect getaway for he and I to spend quality time together. We rented a little cabin in the woods mercy to nature.

One freaky part (and I’m a big horror movie fan) was that there was a little compound near the entrance to our cabin area where people apparently lived in a trailer. There were busted up cars everywhere, garbage, rotted out sheds and trailers, dogs, and anything you could imagine throughout this little compound. It literally looked like a scene from one of the many horror movies I’ve seen over the years.

The cabin we stayed in was nestled right in the woods. They simply carved out a gravel road that took us right to our front door. It was a one room place with a kitchen, tv area (we were able to watch movies), a shower, sink, and a bed. We had a great deck off the back with a grill and hot tub. Plus there was a little area carved out back with a fire pit.
Outside of that we were surrounded by trees, brush, and wildlife. It was perfect.

Checking Out The Caves

We toured 3 of the caves (Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, and Ash Cave), hiked through a number of the trails, did a zipline for the first time which was an exciting adventure (we even did one over a pond that got us up to 45 miles per hour), went swimming in the lake, enjoyed our cabin – called the Love Cabin as it is typically for couples, but was perfect for us two as well. We tried to build a campfire and failed miserably at that (I felt nothing like a man trying to get that darn thing going).

One of the best spots we ate at in between cooking at home was a BBQ joint that was to die for. Right near Lake Logan there food was spectacular.

It was a great few days of adventure for two guys who love to spend time together. I plan to go back and do more of the stuff that perhaps I couldn’t do with him or just get away and relax in the wilderness for a few days quietly.
I highly recommend Hocking Hills if you live or are around Ohio. It wasn’t the beach but I have a vacation planned in a couple of months to hit up Florida so I’ll get the best of both worlds this year.

The Rest of Our Father Son Trip…

Upon our visit to Ash Cave we packed up and headed to Columbus for the day. There we decided to visit COSI which was a first for me and the boy had been there once before.

After some discussion and a sad story to a pet frog who didn’t make it during the trip we decided to head back home and get some solid sleep in our own beds.

Memories Forever

The remainder of the week has still been full of fun trips around Ohio visiting museums, doing some more hiking, hitting up Kings Island, and we still have more planned in the works before getting back to reality.

Spending quality time with my son will provide lifelong memories that I will cherish as he grows. The best part of the entire trip is we’ve done ALL FIRSTS – meaning that we’ve done things together that either neither of us has ever done or visited places we’ve never been to, or we have done various things together for the first time.

I love being a father more than anything else in this world. More to come on the adventures of father and son…